Author Topic: PAULRIDES M1y 31 - Short Ride - Start Krystal Breakfast - Finish Douglas Dam OL  (Read 132 times)


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Mainly just wanted to get out and about before more rain showed up.

I partly wanted to ride to dry out things that got wet between WALMART and Home on a WED AM ride and to see how the new GPS (Garmin Drive 5) would show up on the bike.

Conclusion on  the GPS --- screen is hard to see in sunlight (they all are, but think this one is worse). Shows up decently in the shaded areas and will be usable the way I use a GPS.  Some difference in MENU and Operation (still some learning to do). 


Had early breakfast at home followed by a snack at 10AM at Krystal. Coupon of course -- $1.99 serving of Sausage, Cheese, Eggs, Grits.  Mix it all together --- it works. :-)

Always a few neat roads around.

GPS -- sort of indication of the screen (some shade here -- it gets worse in sun). Shows where I am - turning on Old French Rd.

Finally, looped by Douglas Dam overlooks and then Hwy 338 to pass by the tailwaters.

Tailwater Bridge looking at dam and down river. 

This place always catches my eye - 3 sequential pictures today.
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)

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Looks like a nice old property. Congrats on staying dry!
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