Author Topic: Compare Mini Adventure BMW GS 310, KAWA Verysys 300, Royal Enfield Himalayan 400  (Read 15 times)


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NOTE: There is a link at bottom of the site to each bike and it's specs.

I would stay with the BMW or KAWA. I'm not a big fan of BMW for some reason, but it seems the best for me if buying one of these three and I have sat on one at ALCOA Good Times -- nice. Also, the BMW has ABS (turn it on or off).

Heard from a lady rider today that KTM is coming out with an Adventure 390 (guess a modified DUKE 390). 

It sort of depends on what your use is as to how much street, how much off road.
I don't think these are considered trail bikes (more like my gravel road adventure - turn down a road and check it out - can't imagine being restricted to pavement all the time). It also depends on how feel about prices, part / dealer availability (KAWA best for that I think), warranty (BMW has 3 years 36K Miles), and service required (the RE has valves at 3000 miles --- GROAN).

I have only checked valves on one bike (NINJA 500 at 50,000 miles and it was way bad on the exhaust). I have put 70K to 87K with no valve checks on all other bikes I have owned. LIAR -- come to think of it, I did have a dealer check valves on my first bike, VLX600, and on a KAW 800 Cruiser (I had inspections with a service contract up to 43K miles - The Next  44K miles -- NO CHECKS).
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)