Author Topic: The end of a long ride has special dangers  (Read 139 times)

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The end of a long ride has special dangers
« on: July 29, 2018, 07:19:05 pm »
This video from the Lancashire Police, and especially from Inspector Dave Mangen, talks about the lessons learned in a 2013 accident involving his Dad.

In a long ride, some factors heavily influence the last part.  Most of us are familiar with "Get-home-itus" where as we get closer to home we tend to rush.  But also a strong factor might be fatigue which can get to all of us but might especially affect an older rider.

It takes more than just saying be careful.  Instead, be conscious of how you or your riding buddies might be affected.  Skills and reflexes will be degraded.  Concentration on your riding will be harder to maintain.  Thought processes will be slower and less clear.  Mistakes become more common.  Being a good and experienced rider may even work against us in this sort of situation by convincing us that "we can handle it". 

By being more aware of how you and friends will be affected and actively countering those dangers you can mitigate the danger.  Stop for a break.  Leave a larger margin for error.  If warranted stop for the night and finish the trip tomorrow.  Be brave enough to say to your buddies, "I'm pooped" or "I've had enough for today."  Be smart enough if you're riding buddy says something like that to agree that it's time to call the game.

Motorcycling is mainly a mental exercise.  By thinking more about what we're doing we can all improve our safety.

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Re: The end of a long ride has special dangers
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Good one.  :beg   That said, easy to get in trouble at beginning also. 
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